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PacHosting - Online Store

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Email Service

  • Email Hosting

    50GB large mailbox with mobile push mail, shared calendar, cloud drive and more.

Cloud Web Hosting

Server Solution

  • Dedicated Server

    Extreme Performance Enhancement by Powerful Dedicated Resources and High-speed Dedicated International Bandwidth

    Order Procedure

  • 1.Click the specific service to proceed to online order

  • 2.Select optional add-on service and confirm your domain arrangement preference

    *Some add-on services may not be available for online order, please contact customer service after placing your order at
  • 3.Create your customer account

  • 4.Settle online payment via VISA / MasterCard / American Express
    Settle offline payment and upload payment advice here for verification

  • 5.Receive invoice and service account information upon completing online payment

  • 6.Service will be activated in 30 Minutes